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Tiny Turnover

Start Date: 5/31/11
Age: 19
Height: 5'1"

SW: 152 lbs
CW: 132 lbs
Current BMI: 24.9

GW: 132 lbs
UGW: 128lbs

Recently returned from Texas! Lost 20 lbs visiting one of our most deep fried states :) Trying to maintain the lost weight and maybe shrink into the mid 120's. Went from a size 10/12 to a size 6/8!

5/31/11 SW: 152 lbs
6/16/11 : 146 lbs
6/19/11 : 144 lbs
6/26/11 : 144 lbs
7/03/11 : 142 lbs
8/20/11 CW: 132 lba

128: New dress!

I’ve officially logged calories for the last 12 days! That’s why I’ve been less active here because I’ve been so active on caloriecount.com :)

My average count for the last 12 days is: 1542 calories.

My average net calories is: -492.

I’ve been exercising regularly as well :)

I’m getting enough vitamins all except for potassium. I have a very high sodium-low potassium diet which is said to be linked to heart disease and high blood pressure! I need to change this while I’m young! My blood pressure has always been normal but I don’t want to risk anything. I’m going to start eating more tuna and try to buy some low sodium tomato juice. I’m hoping that my constant sodium cravings will decrease if I eat more potassium? I need to eat more veggies!

I’ve also learned my diet is very high in carbs. Averaging at 140% RD of carbs and 105% of fat. 

Basically I’ve learned I’m the typical American dieter. I need to change this. I need to eat more veggies!

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